I relish the connections between my various practices and enterprises, and aspire to be a flexible entrepreneur, evolving in real time.

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  • Alice George established her independent consulting practice in 1990 and has served a wide range of clients, focusing on fundraising.
  • Alice George is a Chicago-area visual artist, poet and teacher. Her work appears in eight anthologies and her book of poetry was published in 2008  (This Must Be The Place Mayapple Press). She was an editor of Rhino magazine for ten years.
  • Alice began exploring text and image while pursuing her MFA in Writing from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago (2001).  She has been making artist books and painting ardently since 2008. Hand-drawn animation is a new passion. See her Vimeo collection here
  • As a teaching artist, Alice has translated her interests into work with Columbia College Chicago’s Project AIM, working in long-term text-image residencies in middle-school classrooms. She published an article about this work in Teaching Artist Journal in 2012 and co-presented a paper at the Midwest Educational Research Association Conference.
  • Alice teaches creative writing, journal publishing and grant writing. She also teaches inter-disciplinary workshops out of her Evanston studio.
  • She is also a founder of Sketchbook Brewing Company in Evanston, and is active in the brewery’s business district, serving as VP for the Main-Dempster Mile SSA
  • Here’s an article about her continuing reinvention. 

Group exhibitions
Evanston Art Center 3-woman show & video screening (fall 2017)
One State Together, Evanston (2015)
Chicago Cultural Center- Artist Book – Chicago (2014)
Noyes Cultural Center, Evanston (2011 – 2014)
Trilogy Gallery, Three Oaks, Michigan (2012)
Green Home Chicago (2012)
Green Arts Evanston  (2010 and 2011)

Solo Exhibition
Adler George Studio, Evanston (2014 – present)
Pillars Social Café, Chicago (2012)