There is one place that
I go to it is very important
to me it’s not a place of fashion now what's cool today.
It is a place where you can express yourself
and show your true feelings.

There is a big cage surrounding it
to get away from this cruel world
where you don't have to be a bigshot
or popular you can just be yourself.

You can see many things here,
from ramps to transitions and halfpipes to poles.
You see people defying the laws of physics
like it is nothing big at all you see and hear
wheels going at maximum speed.

But one thing you'll always see here is friendship.

There's not much to taste here except
The sweat running down your face
after the satisfying adrenaline rush and
the water you drink after your most
tiring experience
this could be your best day.



--Gerson (7th grade, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, 2003)