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How to Design & Fund
Visiting Writer Programs

If you are interested in working with me to design a program, please email me. Here are some options to consider:
  • One-week intensive residencies, where I work with a core group of students each day. This can be an effective way to jump-start students' creativity and language fluency, especially if there are complementary activities before and/or after the residency. I may consider traveling outside the Chicago area.
  • Two to eight-week residencies within the Chicago area, where I see core classrooms of students one to 3 times/week, coordinating with classroom teachers to design units which reinforce curriculum or emphasize particular skill sets. In elementary settings, I often see students in both their classrooma and during 'specials' (music, art, etc.) to minimize time taken from classroom scheduling. Check out this page to see the many poetry/art projects I've done with students.
  • Adult or multi-generational workshops within schools, libraries or community centers. One option is a half or full-day collage/poetry workshop (visit the collage page).
  • Before or after school creative writing clubs or 'teams.'

    Activities which can enhance Visiting Writer Programs include:
  • Professional Development Sessions for Teachers.
  • Family programs where parents and children write together.
  • Performances or slams, preceded by special coaching sessions to prepare students to present creative work effectively.
  • Anthologies or Student Magazines.