I am the time to come
A chance for success or prosperity

I am as chaotic as babysitting a bunch of little kids
Yet as undecided as a parent grounding their kid

Sometimes you feel like I'm a puzzle and all the pieces fit
But other times you feel like I'm all over the place and nothing ever goes right

I am the decisions you will make
The questions you will have
The money you will spend
The family you will one day have

How I'm decided will affect the rest of your life

You will change me many times

You willl think of me as a time that is far away but every day you get closer and closer

I am an undecided time for most of you but the day will come
that you will know what I have in store for you

Just know that the time to come is the future and all you have to worry about
is the present live life to the fullest take chances make mistakes



--Omar (Fenton High School, 2006)