For more about my vision behind the Anti-Isolation Project, go here.

INFO: For the first session on March 19th, you can come without having paid up front. From then on, participants need to purchase a 4 or 10-punch card online, or by dropping a check off at 1125 Florence, made payable to Alice George. $100 gives you four tokens, $200 gives you 10. You can trade in 3 tokens for an hour one-on-one session with Alice. 

I’ve set up a Doodle poll.  Please fill it out if you’re planning on coming

Every night will be a combination of Alice sharing a new artist/idea using hand-outs/projections/hands-on activity. See below for the list. 

Then we’ll move to a mixture of shorter ‘shares’ and longer ‘feedback’ sessions.

  • Shares will be 5-10 minutes in which you bring in a new development in your practice, ask for advice, introduce yourself and your work, share an inspiration, etc.  You are welcome to bring work or hand-outs, but the 10-minute time limit will be observed. You are encouraged to anchor this share with a particular question. 
  • Critique sessions can last 15-20 minutes and provide time for more in-depth constructive discussion and feedback facilitated by me and anchored by a question by you.  The studio has a white wall for displaying 2-D work, and Alice can also project media files. You can bring in 1-5 pages of written material, perform for us, assign us roles in your short-short play, etc.  

Here’s a list of the Inspiration questions I will be sharing at the beginning of each class, projecting images and sharing background. 

3/19  Q: Why do we have bodies? A: Kiki Smith

3/26 Q: What if our drawings were alive? A: William Kentridge

4/2 Q: What happens when you respect and rebel at the same time? A: Ai Weiwei

4/9 Q: What can spirituality sound like? A: Sufjan Stevens

4/16 Q: Who is wise enough to adore the ordinary world? A: Marianne Boruch

4/23 Q: Why do I want to be a tree? A: Ovid

4/30 Q: What can we learn from abundance? A: Andy Goldsworthy

5/14 Q: What’s the point of geometry? A: Picasso’s Sculptures

5/14 Q: What if we weren’t afraid? A: Louise Bourgeois

5/21Q: What does loss look like: A: Bruce Conner’s short film The White Rose