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Anti-Isolation Project Details



Every night will be a combination of Alice sharing a new artist/idea using hand-outs/projections/hands-on activity.  

Then we’ll move to a mixture of shorter ‘shares’ and longer ‘feedback’ sessions.

  • Shares will be 5-10 minutes in which you bring in a new development in your practice, ask for advice, introduce yourself and your work, share an inspiration, etc. You are welcome to bring work or hand-outs, but the 10-minute time limit will be observed. You are encouraged to anchor this share with a particular question.

  • Critique sessions can last 15-20 minutes and provide time for more in-depth constructive discussion and feedback facilitated by me and anchored by a question by you. The studio has a white wall for displaying 2-D work, and Alice can also project media files. You can bring in 1-5 pages of written material, perform for us, assign us roles in your short-short play, etc.

Schedule for Fall 2018
(links are for context; more info will be given participants, and Alice will present images, etc. )

# 1 9/17:  Poet Rafael Campo
#2 9/24: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) video & video
#3 10/1: Animator Ruth Lingford
#4 10/8: Enrico David (MCA, opening 9/29)
#5 10/15: Full Group Share
#6 10/22: Ed Paschke (Block, opening 9/18)
#7 10/29: Writer Maggie Nelson
#8 11/5: Tomma Abts (Art Institute, opening 10/19)
#9 11/12: Filmmaker Stan Brakhage 
#10 11/19: TBA

Kiki Smith--one of the artists studied last spring

Kiki Smith--one of the artists studied last spring

Artists Discussed last spring included 

  • Kiki Smith

  • Louise Bourgeois

  • Sufjan Stevens

  • Marianne Boruch

  • Ovid

  • William Kentridge

  • Ai WeiWei

How the Money Works: 

  • $100 gets you a punch-card with 4 ‘tokens’

  • $200 gets you a punch-card with 10 tokens (all 10 classes).

  • Each class is worth one token.

  • You can also book a one-hour creative consult with Alice for three tokens.

  • You can drop in over the course of the spring as your schedule allows.

  • Checks accepted; online payments via Square preferred.