alice george
alice george
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Animated Drawings

Since 2016--inspired by the work of William Kentridge and others--I've been creating short-shorts--blending hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, video and photography. 

I'm proud that one of my animations -- Travel--will on on display in the Evanston Biennial, opening 8/31/18 and running through September.   

Visit my Vimeo Collection to see all my public work. 


TRAVEL Hand-drawn animation, painting and photography. Arranged within a 16:9 rectangle. A meditation on the desire to summon particular landscapes. Particularly during winter in the Midwest. Music by Sam Decker, Matt Rousseau and Dov Manski. 2018.

TRUTH STUDIES, Animation and photography with sound by Shawn Decker. 2017.

LAST WORDS seven short settings of the final words of scientists, authors and musicians. Sound by Shawn Decker. 2017.