alice george
alice george
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About My Practice

The power of words (& planning)

I founded my free-lance consulting practice in 1990, after working on staff at several non-profits, including the position of Assistant Director of Development at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Since then, I’ve served more than 30 clients, specializing in fund raising and management consultation for a wide range of nonprofits, including clients in the arts, education, and healthcare sectors. On the development front, I’m proud that every organization which I’ve helped for 12 months or more has secured new funding.

My process when working with a client is to a) meet them where they are and then b) decide where we want to go! Immersion in each nonprofit's culture and values comes first, then collaborative strategizing to advance mission and affect change. 

  • WRITING: As an experienced communicator on a variety of fronts--grant applications, poetry, business marketing--I take pride in my ability to articulate and clarify key positioning messages. 
  • FUNDABILITY: After decades in the field, I've developed strong skills in assessing how competitive nonprofit projects will be in the funding arena. 
  • PLANNING: For some clients, my ability to help them plan project roll-outs to best secure funding--and achievable outcomes--is very helpful.