alice george
alice george
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Quotes from current & former clients. 

Alice is a skilled institutional fundraiser and an excellent nonprofit grant writer. She has a broad grasp of foundation opportunities and a keen strategic sense of “fit.” Her creativity helped us to develop new language and visual materials to communicate HealthConnect One’s strengths and needs.

Alice made a significant contribution to our development functions and our strategies in the four years that she consulted for us.
— Rachel Abramson, former Executive Director, HealthConnect One
Alice provided the International Music Foundation with wise counsel, superb writing/story-telling skills, and exceptional strategic guidance. Primarily hired as a grant-writer, she quickly became so much more: a development researcher, newsletter/website content creator, strategic planner, Board adviser, and the person that kept this Executive Director on track with enthusiasm, encouragement, and, yes when necessary, firmness. Her advocacy and enthusiasm for the IMF’s programs shone through in her lively writing in proposals, brochures, newsletter and web content. Alice also provided significant advice and strategy contributions to the organization’s 2016 merger and leadership transition in addition to strong support for new development staff. This Jill-of-so-many-trades and skills made invaluable contributions to the IMF’s success over the years I was fortunate enough to have her guidance.
— Ann Murray, former Executive Director, International Music Foundation
Alice has provided consulting services to our organization for five years, providing invaluable writing and consulting on a variety of fund raising and communication fronts. Her ability to articulate complex programs in a persuasive and engaging manner has been extremely helpful. She contributed to a major swell in our grants revenue, which rose 42% over three years (FY05-FY08). Furthermore, her decades of experience in nonprofit management allow her to be an active partner in our work.
— Karl Androes, Executive Director, Reading In Motion
Alice is an outstanding consultant who brings her deep understanding of the arts, education, and the non-profit world to her work. Foundation grants grew a whopping 165% over two years after we hired her! Furthermore, through her work over the past three years, Pros Arts Studio has dramatically increased its organizational capacity to better manage and develop its growing programs. Having worked with many outside consultants in our 30 years as a non-profit, arts organization, our relationship with Alice has been the most successful. Three years later, we now have an authentic, working 3 year strategic plan and a taskforce to keep us on track; our grassroots board embarked on a successful individual gifts initiative and increased their level of participation; and our program management and assessment has improved greatly. Alice George provided services well-beyond her contract and connected us to other experts and resources outside her expertise. Her approach is accessible – she facilitates with ease diverse groups, leading sessions that are productive, and with materials that are professional, meaningful, and straightforward. She is able to get even the most reluctant staff and board members to participate.
— Jean Parisi, Executive Director, Pros Arts Studio
Working with Alice was like having a partner-in-crime. More than just a grant-writer; she becomes a true advocate and active seeker of support for anyone she works with.
— Julie Simpson, former Executive Director, Office of Community Arts Partnerships, Columbia College